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How To Get Good At Something

how to get good at somethingSo you’re looking for information on how to get good at something? In this detailed article I show you seven steps you can take today to start becoming a master in your chosen field. Let’s go!

How To Get Good At Something – Seven Steps

Step 1: Decision

The first thing you have to do is make a firm decision with yourself. A lot of people dabble in things and quit when inevitable challenges present themselves. They quit because they haven’t made a firm decision to see it through until the end.

Write a statement: Write down your decision to achieve mastery at your chosen path and read that statement aloud to yourself every morning and every evening.

Example: I Michael Higgins will commit 100% to mastering all necessary skills that will lead to the eventual goal of financial freedom.

These skills include but are not limited to internet marketing, sales, leadership, financial education and investment education. I will endure through all temporary setbacks until mastery has been achieved and my vision has manifested into reality.
Signed: _____________  Date: ______________

Step 2:

10,000 hours – According to research conducted by Malcolm Gladwell in the book Outliers it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice for an individual to achieve mastery in a chosen field. This finding was made after studying hundreds of people across many different fields.

Let’s break that down shall we.

Let’s say you were practicing for 3 hours per day.

  • 3hrs x 365 days = 1095 hours per year
  • 10,000 hours / 1095 = 9 years
  • At just 3 hours of practice per day you can achieve mastery at something in just 9 years.
  • At 8 hours of practice per day you can achieve mastery at something in just 3.4 years.

Step 3:

Something everyday – This one is HUGE. It’s very simple but not that easy to do. Take on the attitude that you will do something everyday for 30 mins absolute minimum. That means if  you’re about to call it a day and go to bed ask yourself, have I at least moved 30 mins closer to my goals today? If not guess what, stay up 30 mins more and practice.

Doing something everyday creates momentum, by doing this you are constantly moving forward.

Step 4

Focus on one thing at a time – If you’re an internet marketer like me and you eventual goal is financial freedom, to be able to do what you want when you want to then you’ve likely got a variety of skills that need mastering.

There’s no point in learning seo, leadership, copywriting, email marketing, video, blogging and facebook all at the same time. Choose one thing. Get results with it, then move to the next.

If you try to do it all at once then you will end up getting ok at a few things but that’s not the goal, the goal is mastery. That’s where serious results come into play.

how to get good at somethingStep 5

Action VS Theory – We live in the information age. There are so many courses, books and seminars you can attend with fantastic information and training on whatever you want to master. You could spend your whole life learning and never get anywhere.

Learn to balance your training with all out raw action. Learn to embrace making mistakes. That’s how you learn the best, by falling over and getting back up.

So avoid overwhelm and take action with what you’re learning consistently.

Step 6

Self Image – Where talking mindset now. This is what separates the amateurs from the pros, the wannabes from the kings.

Learn to see yourself as an effective person. Think of yourself in a positive light, never say bad things about yourself, never beat yourself up. Your world is a mirror of who you think you are. See yourself as a successful person and you will take the necessary actions to become a successful person.

Step 7

Visualise – All professional athletes, musicians and artists practice visualisation. It’s so simple yet can have a huge impact on your results.

Sit down for 30 minutes per day, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths.

Now see yourself performing the task you want to become a master at. See yourself effortlessly doing it.

By doing this consistently you will make an imprint in your subconscious mind. You will gain mastery much faster and you will even attract situations and people that align with your vision.

How To Get Good At Something: Action

Take these seven steps to heart my friend. If you’re looking for info on how to get good at something then these steps will get you there.

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